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The One-Stop Solution from Builder Consulting includes TIER 1 Website Hosting and Management Systems. Most website firms use 3rd party hosting companies and servers owned by other companies to host your website.  The problem with 3rd party hosting is  the ‘Weakest Link’ business model where the entire future of your business and website is in the hands of someone you have never met with no business relationship or accountability.  If the hosting company goes out of business, is sold to another company or simply has a failure then the website is lost and there is little a website designer is capable of doing to assist.

Builder Consulting has invested over three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) to provide a state of the art website hosting facility using the latest technology and multiple servers to support your business on the Internet. Builder Consulting owns and manages the servers through a dedicated in-house staff ensuring the most reliable website hosting for your business with:

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The Best website is only as good as the website hosting facility – choose reliability and one-stop solutions with Builder Consulting Website Hosting.

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